Brooklyn Businesses

Bija Bhar
(347) 921-6397
We are the makers of Resilience Turmeric Elixir, a minimally processed, organic, powdered turmeric drink mix. We sell a variety of sizes online and in stores as well as a food service size for cafes, restaurants and bars.

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel by Nzinga Knight Inc
A natural, sweet, spicy and complex brewed and aged beverage with an over 400 year Caribbean heritage based on a popular family recipe. It’s served solo or as a mixer.

Sparkling coffee for all!

Ludwig Coffee
(888) 705-1120
We are the independent Cold Brew Company Specializing in Micro-lot / Micro-batch coffee.

Nomad Trading Co
Nomad uses underutilized agricultural byproducts, focusing on cascara (coffeefruit) to produce Nomad Energy, a healthier red bull.

Orgeat Works LTD.
(917) 232-2267
Cocktail Syrup.

Craft sparkling tea from Brooklyn, NY. We use organic tea to create delicious, healthy alternatives to America's favorite beverages.

Rocket Broth
We are an organically sourced Frozen Broth Company. We currently produce a super delicious Chicken Bone Broth and a Nutrient dense Vegan Broth.

Superlost Coffee
Sourcing small lot coffees and showcasing them with art. Product offerings are whole bean coffee, cold brew bottles , and nitro cold brew kegs.

Swig + Swallow
A recreational beverage company focused on creating innovative beverage brands for the 21st Century. Currently producing a line of fresh, all-natural mixers for iconic cocktails sold half-full for easy mixing, no measurement required.

Newark Businesses

Miruku Peanut Milk
We make a new, delicious and sustainable plant-based milk with no additives and lots of nutrition, made with peanuts.